Tucker to Politicians: ‘If You Really Cared About America, You Wouldn’t Want It Become Europe’

‘Dangerous, divided, unstable’

CARLSON: "There’s an awful lot of research on the subject and all the numbers tell the same story. Why are they being ignored? Our leaders like to boast to believe in science, they let data and hard evidence drive their policy. They are lying and never more obviously than in this case. They don’t want to see the numbers. They actively suppress them. If you really cared about America, he wouldn’t want iy to become Europe. Dangerous, divided, unstable. You wouldn’t import massive Muslim minority in your country because it made you feel open-minded and virtuous in the for the best. That’s a faith-based approach and it’s nuts. We know exactly what will happen if we do that because were watching us live on television for Manchester right now. If you really cared about the country you lead, figure out how to make sure that every person of any religion enthusiastically shared your most cherished value, tolerance, pluralism, free-speech, equality under the law just for starters." 

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