Chris Murphy: ‘The Walls Feel Like They Are Closing in on the Trump Admin’

‘I’m not sure that they can hold them off for much longer’


MURPHY: "Well, you know, over the course of the last six months the — the trump White House and the Trump campaign has said consistently and unequivocally there were no contacts between our campaign and the Russian government, and the head of intelligence, a non-partisan position in the U.S. Government said definitively today that there were indeed multiple contacts between personnel that worked on the Trump campaign and the Russian government, and you just have to put it all in context here, wolf. You have members of the trump campaign talking to the Russian government at a time in which the Russian government was engaged in a massive effort to try to skew the election towards Donald Trump at the same time that trump was taking bizarre positions that were in favor of Russian interests to the point of changing the Republican platform, to try to reflect Russian priorities, to today where they are now trying to scuttle and obstruct the investigation into the truth. The walls feel like they are closing in on the Trump Administration right now, and I’m not sure that they can hold them off for much longer."

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