Zakaria: Trump’s Saudi Speech ‘The Kind of Speech Pres. Obama Could Have Given’

‘He never used the word radical Islamic terrorism, which he kept insisting Obama use’


ZAKARIA: “I think it’s going very well. In terms of both the symbolism and in one important respect, the substance, which was the speech that President Trump gave in Riyadh on Islam. It was very carefully done, it was nuanced, frankly the kind of speech President Obama could have given. He never used the words 'radical Islamic terrorism,' which he kept insisting that Obama use. In fact, he once tweeted that Obama should resign because he was unwilling to use that phrase. Well, Trump refused to use the phrase as well. He pointed out that 95 percent of the victims of Islamic terrorism are Muslims. So it had the kind of nuance and empathy that people look for, because ultimately what you’re trying to do is to convince these Muslim countries to in some way take on, battle, expel, as President Trump said, the scourge of Islamic terrorism.”

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