Ric Grenell on Manchester Bombing: ‘I Feel Much Safer with Donald Trump in Charge’

‘I think that this president is very clear eyed and understand the threat that we are facing’

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GRENELL: "Europe looks like it is at the forefront of what's been happening. We’ve seen multiple attacks now. I think public and people, whether you’re in Europe or in the United States, you need to be looking for leaders who are very clear-eyed about the attacks that are underway, the war that we are in. This is a very serious situation. We must have policies that lead us towards intelligence gathering techniques so that we can do everything we can to try to stop these attacks before they happen. It’s impossible to be able to do, but there are tools that we can take and policies that we can implement. The public must stand vigilant and I think that what we’ve seen over the last couple of days in Saudi Arabia from our president who’s on his way to Europe, I think that this president is very clear-eyed and understands the threat that we are facing and I feel much safer with Donald Trump in charge."

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