MSNBC Airs Audio of Two Explosions at Ariana Grande Concert; at Least 20 Dead

‘You can hear the sound of the blast in footage from dash cam from outside the arena’

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MATTHEWS: "Now to other breaking story. Police in Manchester say there are now at least 20 dead and hundreds injured after the explosion at the Manchester arena. Witnesses said first reported loud bangs described as explosions after concert by the pob singer Ariana Grande. You can hear the sound of the blast in footage from dash cam from outside the arena. Let's listen."
MATTHEWS: "Kelly joins us now. Kelly, what do we know?"
COBIELLA: "Well, Chris we first started hearing reports about this about hour and a half ago. This happened toward the end -- at the end of this concert at the Manchester arena. It holds about 20,000 people. Witnesses started reporting on social media, these reports of a loud bang. There was a lot of confusion, unclear whether it was -- something innocuous or much more serious. We then received word from Manchester police that in fact they were responding to a serious incident at the arena. At this point, we understand a number of confirmed fatalities, that's according to the Manchester pd and a number of injured."

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