Fox News: Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert with a Number of Fatalities

‘We have no idea at this point who is the instigator of this incident’


"Responders, first responders on the scene, they are talking to people asking them to avoid the area completely. Transportation is shut down in and out of that area. So we’re going to dip into our sister network as well as we go through this coverage because they obviously have the best live pictures B can see ambulances firing into the area as we start to get a handle on what happened here. Obviously, the department in recent weeks has put out a terror threat concern for traveling over the course of the summer and this perhaps is exactly the kind of thing that they are concerned about. We have no idea at this point who is the instigator of this incident. We do know according to the report system that Ariana Grande, a performer at this concert is said to be fine but as I said, very fluid situation. We continue to kind of get some of the latest here"

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