Robin Wright: Trump’s Saudi Speech Was a ‘Total Flip-Flop’

‘This is a problem that is pervasive’


SCARBOROUGH: "Let’s talk about the impact of the president’s trip to Saudi Arabia and the speech that was, whether you liked it or didn't like it, a fairly extraordinary speech if you contrast what he said there with what he said during the campaign.”
WRIGHT: “Total flip-flop. This is the man who charged that the Saudis were throwing gays off buildings, and that they were enslaving women. He said they shouldn't get away --”
BRZEZINSKI: “There is that.” 
WRIGHT: “-- be able to get away with the kind of U.S. support when they gave us nothing and it turns around and says he’s going to do not only a deal in giving -- selling billions of dollars of weaponry but he’s also going to make sure the Saudis get the best deal possible. But it was a really stark contrast with the tone of both President Obama and President Bush in their attempt to confront extremism. And it was a very simplistic approach.”

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