CBS’ Brennan: Trump’s Abandoning ‘Campaign Era Rhetoric Against Islam’

‘President Trump is calling for unity against extremism’

BRENNAN: "Good morning. While reaching out to leaders of more than 50 Muslim-majority countries who are gathered here in Saudi Arabia, President Trump is calling for unity against extremism. He’s abandoning that campaign era rhetoric against Islam, a religion he once said hates us, even calling for the shutdown of all Muslims from entering the U.S. Today, right now, he’s trying to recast that instead as a battle between against all decent people and the barbaric criminals he says falsely invoke the name of God. Unlike past U.S. presidents, Mr. Trump is making it a policy to avoid public criticism of human rights abuses, saying, we are not here to lecture. And he has lifted those Obama era restrictions on certain weapon sales, inking a $110 billion deal with Saudi Arabia. And the kingdom has warmly embraced President Trump with honors that they did not bestow on his predecessor. U.S. relations were damaged in large part by the Obama era’s outreach to Iran."

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