Attorney: ‘Trump Will Fire Mueller Eventually; He Will Get Rid of Him Because He Fears Him’

‘Mueller is very competent individual’

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RICHARD HERMAN: "Well, Fred, if they are investigating, they're doing criminal investigations against Trump and his administration and people around him and they're also doing civil investigations, but just know that Mueller was hired, Fred, to investigate the relationship between the Russian hacking of the election and Trump's campaign and/or trump, but, you know, with respect to president Clinton the special prosecutor was hired to look at Whitewater, a company in western Arkansas and ended up Monica Lewinsky. There's broad range of an investigation here. It's going to go, you know, between a and Z, Mueller is very competent individual but I will tell you this, Fred, I'm predicting right now live, trump will fire Mueller eventually. He will get rid of him because he fears him."

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