Bernie Goldberg to Dems, Trump: ‘Stop the Talk About Impeachment; Stop the Impulsive Tweets’

‘My advice to the Democrats, stop it!’


GOLDBERG: "The left is doing everything they can to obstruct this president, and I don’t think they'd have voted if instead of Neil Gorsuch he nominated Hillary Clinton to the Supreme Court. They might have voted against him because Donald Trump is the one who nominated him. So here's my unsolicited advice to the Democrats: Stop it! Stop the nonsense, stop these obstructions. Stop the talk about impeachment. And to the President, have some advice, too: Stop the impulsive tweets. Stop the misstatements. Stop, in a word, the melodrama. A lot of Americans want a strong, credible press and they want a strong, credible president. A lot of Americans right now do not think we’re getting either."

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