Willie Geist: Trump’s an Ad-lib Guy and Now We Have an Ad-lib Presidency

‘We have to go back in time and remember that moment of incredible confidence that the Trump team had after winning an election’


GEIST: "He’s an ad-lib guy. Now what we have is an ad-lib presidency. Which is to say if there is a plan at the beginning of the day, if the White House does come up with a strategy, they can’t count on their principal to carry it out through the rest of the day or even the next day, Katty. I’m thinking again about the Lester Holt interview, where they came out and said it was Rosenstein’s memo that compelled Donald Trump to fire James Comey and then in a single answer and a single interview with Lester Holt, he blows that whole thing up. This is the way he's been. It was his strength during the campaign. It’s why people liked him, he said what came to his mind, he reacted in real time, he was honest and up front in the way he spoke. That’s more difficult when you’re President of the United States and you have an agenda to carry out."

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