Kimmel: ‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Would Defend Trump Even If He Shot One of Their Colleagues on Air

‘That’s not illegal, if you say hope’

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KIMMEL: "That was on CNN. Of course, the coverage was a little more fair and tilted towards Trump on Fox. This morning on 'Fox & Friends' they did everything possible to put a positive spin on what many believe was an obstruction of justice."
[clip starts]
DOOCY: "Regarding Michael Flynn, he said, 'I hope you can let this go.' Now, some people are saying, 'Well, clearly he’s ordering the FBI director to end the investigation.' You know, some people are saying, does it rise to the obstruction of justice? Not so fast."
EARHARDT: "Because you’re saying the word 'hope' is the operative word here. 'I hope you can let it go.' He is not directing him to let it go."
KILMEADE: "Yeah, he said, 'He’s a good guy. I hope you can let it go."
[clip ends]
KIMMEL: "Right. He said 'I hope.' That’s not illegal, if you say 'hope'. When Obama said 'hope', nobody impeached him. He put it on his poster. All Trump said is 'I hope you can let it go.' Maybe he was singing the song from 'Frozen,' we don’t know. Those three on 'Fox & Friends,' Trump could shoot one of them in the heart live on the air, the surviving two would still defend Donald Trump.”

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