MSNBC Host Calls Conservatives ‘Suicide Caucus’ for Proposing ObamaCare/Government Shutdown Ultimatum

Jonathan Alter says Republicans are assuring their own demise in threatening to defund ObamaCare

MSNBC's Alter Sneers: GOP the 'Suicide Caucus' (NewsBusters)

MSNBC contributors Jonathan Alter and Joy Reid sound much like a good metronome: their commentary never changes, marching on at an endless, fixed pace. Alter and Reid have made a career at the Lean Forward network out of comparing Republicans to slave owners, terrorists, and drunks.

Their latest assault on the GOP came on Friday’s Now, with Reid serving as guest host in place of Alex Wagner. Discussing the latest attempt by Senate Republicans to defund ObamaCare, Alter blasted the “suicide caucus” GOP, claiming “smarter conservatives understand” that shutting down the government over ObamaCare “is suicidal.”

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