Chris Matthews to Dem Sen.: ‘What Do You Think of this Impeachment Possibility?’

‘What’s more needed to prove obstruction of justice than the president fires the guy coming after him’

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MATTHEWS: "You just need those two words to cover the news lately -- Russia and trump. They're useful proper nouns that get you through all of this. Explain. What do you think of this impeachment possibility? What's more needed to prove obstruction of justice than the president fires the guy coming after him after asking him to drop the case? What more do you need?"
MERKLEY: "We now do have a very powerful story of the case, a theory of the case. The pieces are starting to fit together, and this Valentine's day massacre of justice that was reported just a couple hours ago is a key piece. Now, certainly my colleague from Maine is absolutely right. We want to see the memo. We want to see the rest of the memos. We do want to subpoena the tapes the president has referred to. Do they exist? I suspect they don't exist. I suspect the memos all exist, and we're going to learn a great deal from them. And I think we're going to find out that it basically makes the case that the president has been engaged in a strategy. He's afraid of the investigation. He was trying to shut it down. He took inappropriate actions and quite possibly illegal actions."

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