Alexandra Pelosi: Media, Obama Admin Enabling 'Human Trafficking’ at the Border

'I worry, in all of this, that we could be facilitating human trafficking'

Alexandra Pelosi: Media, Obama admin enabling ‘human trafficking’ at the border (Hot Air)

The documentary filmmaker and daughter of the House minority leader, Alexandra Pelosi, is promoting a new and heartbreaking documentary about the crisis at the southern border. Pelosi spent weeks speaking with undocumented migrants who have been led to believe that the United States is not only caring for women and children who cross the border but welcoming them to do so.

“[A]ll the young vulnerable, migrant women who just got to America that I spoke with saw the Border Patrol as the heroes who came to assist them on their journey,” Pelosi recently wrote in an op-ed published on “They all said that when they saw Border Patrol, they finally felt safe and happy to have survived their harrowing odyssey to get to the Promised Land.”

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