Former Clinton Manager Robby Mook on Trump: ‘It’s Getting Dangerous’

‘We knew Donald Trump was unfit to be president’


MOOK: “Yeah. Look, what concerns me is we knew Donald Trump was unfit to be president. We knew that. It was said a lot during the campaign and he’s proved that. Now it’s getting dangerous, right. And the way he’s handling classified information. I’m very concerned we have a very serious situation, unprecedented situation with North Korea at this time. This guy has his finger on the trigger of our nuclear arsenal. That's a scary idea. And I think Steve is right. I think Republicans in Congress right now are saying, OK, I might have a primary. I don't want to be on the wrong side of the president in the primary. He obviously is in touch with 30 percent of the electorate. But it is just 30 percent of the electorate. And I would actually argue if the president is only getting 80 percent support from his party, 83, 84, something like that, that’s not actually great. Normally, a president is in the low 90s even high 90s with his his or her some day own party. You know he -- they have to watch that. At some point I believe this bow will break and Republicans will recognize it is in their interest to start holding this president accountable more than it is just to stand by him.”

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