Ben Sasse: ‘Really Difficult’ for Trump to do ‘Something Illegal’ Because He’s the Ultimate Declassifier

‘Sources and methods are the lifeblood of the intelligence community and we need our spies’

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MACCALLUM: "Here now, senator Brenna sass. The author of “The vanishing American adults.” Good to have you here. First, descent of this news and then some questions about your very interesting book that is getting a lot of attention. Are you concerned about this meeting of this report and “The Washington Post”? 
SASSE: "Lots we don’t know. I have been on the phone with the national security team but I haven’t been in a bunker, haven’t gotten a classified briefing. Lots to qualify about that I can validate about this report. I think three topline things. One, sources and methods are the lifeblood of the intelligence community and we need our spies. The world is broken and there’s a lot of Americans who serve in harm’s way trying to protect us, sources and methods need to be guarded. Number two, a lot of the media will hyperventilate really quickly and there is the distinction that we should bear in mind between illegality and imprudence. Really difficult for a president to do something illegal in a space like this because he as commander of chief in the military, is the ultimate declassify her. That’s a different question as to whether or not something is imprudent. Number three, really problematic that it’s the Russians. They don’t have the interest that our heart and they can’t be trusted."

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