Hannity: ‘James Comey Got What He Deserved, He Needed To Be Fired’

‘They created a two-tier justice system; one for Hillary and Bill Clinton and one for the rest of us’


HANNITY: "But first, in light of the worst liberal media at freezing frenzy in the history, it is time for a reality check about why James Comey had to be fired. The media won’t tell you. That’s tonight’s opening monologue. After the firing of James Comey, the destroy trump propaganda media who have been seething in the dark, along with weak Republicans into the deep state, these groups are now working themselves into a feeding frenzy and it clearly are now out for blood. Tonight it’s time for a reality check. Why James Comey deserved and needed to be fired? Something they are not talking about. Something that destroy trump media won’t tell you because they have their own agenda. James Comey was a complete and utter failure. He just respected the U.S. Constitution and rule of law. He didn’t care about equal justice under the law for every American. He did nothing about the violation of fourth amendment privacy rights, and of course, leaking of classified information, which is a crime, including the unmasking of Michael Flynn and releasing them publicly. They created a two-tier justice system. One for Hillary and Bill Clinton and one for the rest of us. Tonight we are going to go back to July 5th 2016, James Comey’s press conference where we thought he was going out a strong case for the indictment of Hillary Clinton. We will go point by point through his statement and then show you specifically laws that were broken based on his own words. Let’s start here."

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