Pat Buchanan on Why He Doubts Trump/Russia Collusion: ‘10 Months into Watergate People Were in Prison’

‘What is going on that they can’t find any evidence that Mr. Trump colluded with anybody?’

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BUCHANAN: "The initial event in Watergate was a third rate burglary, if you will. Right now the Russians clearly have hacked, according to all our intelligence agencies, but Donald Trump, the president has a valid point. There's a cloud been sitting over his head that he could conspired with Putin or Russian agents to hack the DNC and to hack podesta, and then work with Wikileaks and all of this to win the election, and then he succeeded in a series of felonies, alleged series of felonies. As far as I know, there's no justification for that cloud. We've had Mr. Clapper say we found no collusion. Mike Mo rely, former head of the CIA, we found no collusion. I understand the president's rage that Comey or someone won't stand up and say look, not going to tell you where we're investigating, but we can tell you this, we have found no collusion between the president of the United States or his closest aides in the Russians in hacking and disseminating that material. Why can't they tell us that?"
SMERCONISH: "If investigations were concluded and had come to that point --"
BUCHANAN: "Michael, this is the problem. Why cannot the FBI in ten months cannot make a decision as to whether or not somebody in trump's operation wired, phoned, e-mailed, went to Moscow, you're doing a great job, and here is where you ought to put these out? Excuse me, Comey's why are we ten months in? Ten months into Watergate people are in prison. What is going on that they can't find any evidence that Mr. Trump colluded with anybody to do that?"

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