Charlie Hurt: Trump Hasn’t Built 1 Inch of His Wall and You’re Already Seeing a 70% Drop in Illegal Crossings

‘They change their behavior accordingly’

HURT: "Probably the starkest difference from one administration to the new administration certainly in modern times. The problem with these sentencing guidelines is that they were put in place by Congress, they were voted on by Congress, duly passed into law. Under the previous administration, you basically have the attorney general and the president saying I know Congress passed these laws, we don’t need to follow and forget about it as Jeff Sessions said today, that’s not justice. Donald Trump and his entire campaign was a very much law and order campaign, he promised to crack down on drugs. I think if you wanted to see where the fruits of that law and order stance can be found, look at the southern border right now. Donald Trump had built 1 inch of his wallet yet and you’re already seeing a 70% drop of illegal border crossings? They change their behavior accordingly."

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