NBC News on SCOTUS Ruling: ‘The Recess Appointment Power Is Dead’

‘Unless the White House and the Senate are in the same party, it’s going to be very hard to get these recess appointments done’

Supreme Court limits president's recess appointment power (Fox News)

The Supreme Court delivered a blow Thursday to President Obama, ruling that he went too far in making recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board. 

In a unanimous decision, the high court sided with Senate Republicans and limited the president's power to fill high-level vacancies with temporary appointments. It was the first-ever Supreme Court test involving the long-standing practice of presidents naming appointees when the Senate is in recess. 

In this case, Obama had argued that the Senate was on an extended holiday break when he filled slots at the NLRB in 2012. He argued the brief sessions it held every three days were a sham that was intended to prevent him from filling the seats. 

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