Kaine: Trump Fired Comey Because ‘Noose Is Tightening’ over Russia Investigation

‘We have a deeply insecure president who understands the noose is tightening because of this Russia investigation’

Tim Kaine: Trump Fired Comey Because the ‘Noose Is Tightening’ Over the Russia Investigation (Mediaite)

Following yesterday’s bombshell news of President Donald Trump firing FBI Director James Comey, a number of prominent Democrats have come out with some extremely strong reactions. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that Comey’s termination looks like a coverup when it comes to the Trump/Russia investigation. Meanwhile, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) indicated that Comey’s canning could be seen as a treasonous act.

In this vein, former Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine popped up on Good Morning America this morning to deliver his own forceful remarks.

Mentioning Trump’s letter on Comey’s firing, the Virginia senator said that the president inserting the paragraph about Comey telling him he’s not the subject of an investigation was akin to “a bad poker player whose facial expressions tell you what kind of hand they have.”

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