Hannity: ‘Kicking Comey to Curb’ a Step in Trump ‘Draining the Deep State Swamp’

‘Frankly, he’s very lucky that President Trump kept him around this long because of his now unhinged and very erratic behavior’


HANNITY: “President Trump fires the FBI Director James Comey. We will have a full and complete reaction to tonight’s big breaking news. It is with the mainstream media will never tell you tonight. Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Sara Carter, Jay Sekulow. But first, kicking Comey to the curb. This is the first step in President Trump draining the deep state swamp. And that is tonight’s and perhaps my most important opening monologue ever. And welcome to ‘Hannity’. All right we’re going to cut through all of the noise, all of the nonsense on this program tonight and tell you exactly what the left and destroy Trump media will not tell you. James Comey, the former now FBI director is a national embarrassment. It’s that plain. It’s that simple. And frankly, he’s very lucky that President Trump kept him around thus long because of his now unhinged and very erratic behavior. Now firing James Comey with absolutely the single right thing for the president to do. It’s good for the country and let me tell you why. Comey has failed you, the American people, on a spectacular level. And at every single turn, the FBI director disrespected the Constitution. He’s showed he does not care about the equal application of the rule or of law being applied, the equality to every Amrican.”

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