Rand Paul: The Obama Admin Using Intel Community to Sway Election Is a ‘Bombshell’

‘We’re worried about the Russians swaying an election?’


PAUL: “We’ve had -- we’ve had two reporters call us who say they have sources. I have not seen the sources. So I can’t say one way or another, but when I have two different reporters calling me and saying they have multiple sources saying that the Obama administration was either unmasking or querying presidential candidates, my ears do perk up. Not really for my sake because I know I haven’t done anything wrong, but really for the American public’s sake, and if they’re doing this to presidential candidates they could sway presidential elections.”
DOOCY: “Sure.”
PAUL: “So we’re worried about the Russians swaying an election? What about our own intelligence community being used by the previous administration to sway elections? That is a bombshell.”

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