Clint Watts: ‘Basically When Trump Doesn’t Get His Way, He Either Smears You or Fires You’

‘Basically when Trump doesn’t get his way, he either smears you or fires you’


WATTS: "When you look at this, they were trying to push for a leak investigation of which there was no evidence. They wanted Comey to focus on that over a Russia investigation which there’s tremendous amounts of evidence for. So it’s a really perilous situation we’re in here in our country right now where the FBI — Comey said he did these press conferences last summer because he didn’t know if the DoJ can be impartial. Now Trump applauds him in October and then fires him for it now many months later. It doesn’t add up, it doesn’t make sense. Basically when Trump doesn’t get his way, he either smears you or fires you."

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