Krauthammer: If Trump’s Firing Comey for Hurting Hillary the Election ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’

‘In his defense, and I am somewhat sympathetic to him’

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KRAUTHAMMER: "That is using a hammer to get a gnat. You’ve got to ask yourself, the tone of this. The swiftness, you are terminated immediately. You’ve got this image of him being purple walked out of the FBI building — perp walked out of the FBI building. How implausible. If Hillary Clinton complains that Comey cost her the election, then here you have trump firing Comey for costing Hillary the election. This doesn’t make any sense. It’s clear this has been prepared for days, but why this way? And why was it done with malice? There would have been so many ways of having Comey sort of stuff aside, say he was in an untenable position. In his defense, and I am somewhat sympathetic to him, I wouldn’t have done what he did. But he was in a position that was utterly impossible. We have never had a presidential candidate running for the presidency while under FBI investigation. There were no rules. He made it up in a way that I think in his head thought minimizes the impact on the outcome. You might have made the wrong calculation, but I don’t think there was in any way bad faith. To do in the Clinton people not only save the original statement and action was detrimental, but then the one right before the election they say motivated trump motors as well."

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