Chris Wallace: AHCA a ‘Big Victory’ for Trump ‘But a Long Way To Go to the Finish Line’

‘Yes, big victory yesterday for House Republicans and President Trump’


WALLACE: "And one more thing to just indicate how complicated it is, the Senate Republicans are trying to pass this under something called reconciliation, which is the idea that when you have a budget matter that it only needs 51 votes, a bare majority. You don’t have to get the 60 vote threshold which means, in effect, you don't need any Democrats. But there's somebody named the Senate parliamentarian, and if she decides there are things in the House bill that aren’t pertaining to the budget like, for instance, rolling back regulations, then she will say this doesn’t qualify for reconciliation and therefore you need 60 votes, not 51. That would be a killer because there is no way you’ll get eight Democrats to sign onto this. Yes, big victory yesterday for House Republicans and President Trump, but a long way to go to the finish line."

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