Krauthammer: Hillary’s Problem Is Sincerity, Not Wealth

'The Clintons have been motivated throughout their lives by the wish to rise and to acquire power'

Krauthammer: Hillary’s Problem is Sincerity, Not Wealth (Washington Free Beacon)

Charles Krauthammer warned that Hillary Clinton’s problem centers around her lack of genuineness, not how much money she has or has not amassed. He shared his thoughts on Clinton’s hard-to-overcome obstacle Monday evening on Fox News’ Special Report and said that her motivation is clear: power.

Krauthammer responded to a quote from Clinton that appeared in the Guardianin which she said that Americans do not view her as “part of the problem” because she and her husband Bill pay “ordinary income tax” as opposed to “a lot of people who are truly well off.”

“Her problem is not wealth, it’s sincerity,” he declared.

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