Krauthammer on Trump Exec. Order on Religious Liberty: I Think the Spirit Is Right

‘I admire him for having done that; I think it had to be done’

WALLACE: "It is funny, Charles, Mercedes it says that they didn't want to to go further because they were worried about legal challenges. The aclu has already promising legal challenges another they will get women, especially, on the issue of contraception to sue, to say that this is discrimination against them."
KRAUTHAMMER: "Look, I think when the president says we are leading by example, you know that they haven't changed a lot on the ground. I admire him for having done that. I think it had to be done. We had eight years and what an administration that was so militantly secular, I didn't give the time of day or any thought whatsoever to people of faith, like the little sisters of the poor, who were standing their ground on a principle that was extremely important to them. What the president is saying, that is not going to continue, we will show respect to them. I will ask the agencies to go easy in terms of prosecution or in terms of coercion. On these issues, where people of faith have strong objections. The reason that some people on the right are concerned is because they are not going to change the law. If you want to change something, you have to change the law. An executive order, it will be struck in the day Democrat wins the White House. It will be on inauguration day. There is a temporary measure. I think the spirit is right. I have to give a pass to the administration. They are now struggling to change the health care system, 16 of the economy, tax reform, all kind of huge stuff. They are not going to add this after legislative plate by changing the law from 1954 on engagement in elections. By saying we will go easy on enforcement, I think it is about the right balance."

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