David Drucker: Mitch McConnell Is Going to Find a Way to Get the Health Bill Through

‘I wouldn’t bet on this dying in the Senate because I think Mitch McConnell is going to find a way to get this thing through’


DRUCKER: "And now Republicans are fighting uphill pushing an unpopular bill at a time when ObamaCare is now right side up for the last two months. People for the first time ever have now found it to be more popular than unpopular. That creates a lot of political challenges for Republicans. There is a lot in this bill that they would prefer not to deal with, but I would not assume that given all of these difficulties that Mitch McConnell won’t find a way to get it done. But as Dana had mentioned, they can lose only two votes. And even when they lose those two votes, it requires Vice President Mike Pence to be the tie breaker in favor of this thing. So. it's going to be difficult. I expect it to go to the floor and face a vote-a-rama where there could be hundreds of amendments put up for a vote and McConnell and his team and the rest of the Republicans are going to have to decide what kind of changes they want to make going in, which they are not going to make, and then you will watch the Democrats try and do everything they can to stop it. But if McConnell has the votes, they won’t be able to.”

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