Comey: Lynch/Clinton Meeting ‘Was the Capper for Me’

‘That was a hard call to make, to call the attorney general and say I’m about to call a press conference’

COMEY: “A number of things had gone on, some of which I can’t talk about yet, that made me worry that the department leadership could not credibly complete the investigation and decline prosecution without grievous damage to the American people’s confidence in the justice system. The capper was, not picking on attorney general Loretta Lynch who I like very much, but her meeting with President Clinton on that airplane was the capper for me. I then said, 'You know what? The department cannot by itself credibly end this.' That was a hard call to make, to call the attorney general that morning and say, 'I’m about to do a press conference and I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to say.'”

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