Ryan: Funding Bill Is a ‘Big Down Payment’ on Border Security and a ‘Big Increase’ for the Military

‘This puts more boots on the ground to bolster our border security’


RYAN: "No longer are the needs of our military going to be held hostage for increases in domestic spending. This means that we can finally make real important strides to increase and improve our readiness. It means we can get our service members the tools and the resources they need to confront the threats that we face all around the world. While we have a lot more work to do to rebuild our military, this is a very big first step. $25 billion year-over-year for our military and you do not have a corresponding $25 billion increase in domestic spending which is what Obama would have requested and required. That’s not here. We broke this parity and we think this is a really important step in the right direction. The first responsibility of our government is national defense. Under President Trump, we’re truly putting that first. We’re excited that we’re honoring two big priorities. A big down payment on border security and a big increase for our military so that they can do their jobs.”

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