Tara Setmayer on Trump’s Andrew Jackson, Civil War Comment: ‘It Was an Asinine Thing’ To Say

‘I’ve been watching Trump supporters try to candy coat this’

SETMAYER: "Okay. You honestly — this is a nice try. I’ve been watching Trump supporters try to candy coat this. It was an asinine thing for for Donald Trump to say. I don’t know why he was going there with that with Andrew Jackson. I understand he has a fascination because people compared his campaign to Andrew Jackson’s. He was trying to project that Andrew — if only Andrew Jackson could have fixed it. One person maybe if he had been there. Like me, I could — he is saying, I can do it. I only I can do it. Historically, that’s just so not true. The American — our country for 30 years tried to prevent the civil war with all different things that led up to it. I’m talking about from where Andrew Jackson is going on, from the Missouri compromise, that didn’t work. Kansas, Nebraska didn’t work... All these things. One person could have prevented that?"

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