Matthews: Dems Have to Have a ‘Counter-Agenda’ Instead of Just Running Against Trump

‘The reasons people voted for Trump, they don’t even want to address’

MATTHEWS:" There’s a solution, though. I mean, you ask a Democrat, including Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, all the big stars of the party now. You ask them ‘what’s your position on illegal immigration,’ and they’re offended by the question. They don’t have a position. They don’t have a position on bringing back manufacturing jobs. The reasons people voted for Trump, they don’t even want to address, and they’ve got to have a counter-agenda. I think a counter-agenda right now would make a lot of sense. You know, they had a good bipartisan bill on immigration, a truly comprehensive bill that twelve Republicans, go back to that and say ‘that’s where we stand.’ We’re not for throwing people out, we’re for a reasonable, enforceable border patrol. And we’re for stopping illegal hiring, we’re for real things. Instead they just think running against Trump is their solution. "

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