McCain on Climate Change: ‘Some of the Remedies Being Proposed Can Harm Our Economy’

‘I think climate change is real’

TAPPER: "There was a big climate change March on Saturday. The environmental protection agency removed most climate change information from its website to quote reflect the approach of new leadership. President Trump has wrongly referred to climate change as a Chinese hoax. You’ve been a Republican leader on the need combat manmade climate change. This must concern you."
MCCAIN: "Well it concerns me but I think one of the aspects of it that does concern me is my friends in the environmental community outright rejection of nuclear power which is the cleanest that there is and their refusal to even consider it is something that has been an impediment in moving forward. Yes, I think climate change is real. But I also think that some of the remedies that are being proposed can harm our economy as well. This is another one of these things where we need to have legislation, debate and discussion and amendment. This is the same thing with so many of these issues, we just sit there and argue about them. Why don’t we let the legislative process go forward rather than seeing everything done by executive order."

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