Jack Keane on N. Korea: ‘We’re Not Going To Do Anything Unless They Provoke Us’

‘We will not do anything unless they provoke us’

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KEANE: "We will not do anything unless they provoke us. But when provoked as if a nuclear ballistic missile is the only reason they would fire the missile is towards our allies in the pacific for an intercontinental missile towards the United States itself. No president would permit something like that to take place. Obviously we would take out those facilities. Because North Korea would then start bringing rockets and artillery and South Korea and start moving troops across the border. We cannot limit our portfolio. We would have to take down underground nuclear capabilities so weapons would not be used against us. We would take out as much of the rockets and artillery tucked up against the border, some in tunnels and they bring out on rail cars. Take those down. We would go to Pyongyang and take as much of the leadership targets that we could. Not just a matter of shooting down a missile about to be fired. We have to minimize the damage to Seoul, Korea and forces in the south as much as possible."


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