Jonathan Tasini Attacks Trump as a ‘Sexual Predator,’ Says ‘P*ssy’ on Air

‘Donald Trump is a sexual predator and he’s treated women with disrespect’


LEMON: "A lot of people did come out on the show." 
DENNARD: "Speaker Pelosi — speaker —" [crosstalk] 
CARDONA: "A lot of people came out against that." 
DENNARD: "Speaker Pelosi —"
LEMON: "A lot of people did come out including Democrats who --" [crosstalk]
CARDONA: "Lots of Democrats came out against."
DENNARD: "Speaker Pelosi -- speaker -- let --"
LEMON: "Paris, Paris, that’s not true."
TASINI: "Paris, that's not true." 
LEMON: "That's not true. We covered the here--" [crosstalk]
DENNARD: "Speaker Pelosi did not." 
LEMON: "And a lot of people said that it was wrong." 
DENNARD: "National Organization against -- for Women did not." 
LEMON: "Those people are not running for president. But you -- to my question, you didn't really --"
TASINI: "He avoided it." 
LEMON: "-- answer my question. You never said that you were sick and tired of hearing the president demean women when he was running for a president." 
DENNARD: "Well, you know what? I didn’t hear the president demean women when he was running for -- for president. I didn't hear it." 
CARDONA: "Oh, my word!" (Laughter) 
TASINI: "Paris -- excuse me. Paris it wasn’t just demean. I’m just going to use the word."
CARDONA: "You just --"
TASINI: "When you say I grabbed a woman’s p*ssy and I was allowed to do it, that is the --" [crosstalk]
DENNARD: "Let me tell you something. That was not said."  
TASINI: "Excuse me, let me -- let me finish, Paris."
DENNARD: "No, let me finish. That was not said while he was running for president." [crosstalk]
TASINI: "That is a crime. That is talking about the crime of sexual assault."

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