Charlie Dent: 700K on Medicaid Would Be Impacted by this Health Care Bill

‘There’s a proposal that I think we ought to take seriously as part of this health care reform’


DENT: "And I understand that we have to make changes to Medicaid, don’t misunderstand me, but the problem is people on Medicaid, you know, who are going to be taken off, say, by 2020 are going to have a problem because they’re going to be forced into the exchanges. And then the maximum tax credit right now is about $4,000. So many of them will not be able to afford health insurance. Therefore, they will go naked or bare and they'll be uninsured. I’ve been working with Republican governors trying to develop a better Medicaid proposal. Governor Kasich has been very outspoken on this, I’ve talked to him at length. Governors Snyder, Sandoval and Hutchinson have also presented us a proposal that I think we ought to take very seriously as part of this health care reform."

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