Lauer to Mnuchin: ‘Raise Your Right Hand’ and Swear Tax Reform Will Be Revenue Neutral

‘We’re going to work closely with Congress to get this done’


LAUER: “So without getting overly dramatic then, Mr. Secretary, would you be willing to raise your right hand and look at the American people and say, 'I, Steven Mnuchin, promise you that this will be revenue-neutral and deficit-neutral?'”
MNUCHIN: “Again, our objective, Matt, is to pay for this with economic growth. So right now we’re working with the House and the Senate. This is now about taking the President’s principles and turning them into a bill that we can get passed and the President can sign this year so we can create economic growth. And we’re going to work closely with Congress to get this done. So, Matt, yes, our principles are we want to pay for this with economic growth and with reducing lots and lots of special interest deductions.”

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