Krauthammer: Trump Starting a Trade War with Our Ally, Canada, Is ‘Gratuitous’

‘It is about time we hit Canada’


KRAUTHAMMER: "That is the problem with protectionism. If we were to prevail upon the Chinese to stop big steel, and we would raise tariffs on steels, this has happened in the past, great for steelworkers but not so good if you are making autos or other stuff out of steel. The costs are passed down and they become less competitive. Juan is right. He put a tariff on the lumber, homes are going to be a little more expensive. I think after having insulted Australia, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, just about every one of our fans, it is about time we hit Canada. I still haven’t gotten over — I have a personal animosity. I think this is trump proclaiming a principle that we are going to be really tough on trade because the tariffs are our dairy products. Going to be outrageous. But he is doing, he is bargaining. Here is my opening bid. I threaten you with tariffs on lumber. You show us some give on theory. I think it will likely get this done. I can’t imagine we are going to start this administration with a trade war with Canada. I could understand China, but this is our closest ally in the world, and in a way, it is gratuitous."

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