Conway: ‘This Will Be the Most Dramatic Tax Reform Relief Package in Decades’

‘The president has promised this will be the most dramatic tax reform relief package in decades’


CONWAY: "Well, the President has promised this will be the most dramatic tax reform relief package in decades. Literally since President Reagan and some say even bolder than that. So, as you know, secretaries Mnuchin and Ross and Gary Cohn and the President are working very hard on this. All options are on the table. These meetings are happening this week as well. Also, today Governor Christie is in town. He is the head of the President’s commission on opioid and drug addiction. And he is here working with members of the House and Senate to continue what’s really great work in that space. I think the President and the Vice President have leaned in on this dramatic issue, drastic issue for this country where it’s the leading cause of accidental death now and opioid use and drug addiction has — it’s quadrupled since 1999. No state has been spared and no demographic group has been able to escape this incredible epidemic." 

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