Tom Cole: ‘I Wouldn’t Risk a Trillion Dollar Funding Bill for a $3 Billion Wall’

‘The most important thing is to make sure the military is funded’


COLE: "Well, personally I have a lot of respect for the president and I found he does listen when you show to him — or talk to him about what the practical realities are. Look, let’s wait and see on this. There are some things Democrats want. There may be possibility for trade. But, we can come back and -- and get this at another point if there’s not. And I wouldn’t risk a trillion dollar funding bill for a $3 billion wall. You know, it's -- there’s another way, another time to get this. The most important thing is to make sure the military is funded, make sure the critical institutions of government are funded and to make sure you don’t have a shutdown while you've a Republican president or Senate or Republican House."

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