Chris Wallace: Trump ‘Clearly Hasn’t Done’ More than Any Other President in the First 100 Days

‘It’s in the eye of the beholder whether they think it’s a success or not’


WALLACE: "Well, look, it’s in the eye of the beholder whether they think it’s a success or not. I have to say the president this week tweeted this ridiculous standard of 100 days and yet nobody has talked more of 100 days for president Trump, even the transition he talked for his plan of 100 days and various points he was marking off saying we’ve done more than any other president in 100 days. He clearly hasn’t done that. You know, he has no major legislative successes to show, except he did get Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the supreme Court. Folks will have to judge whether some of the executive actions and messages he sent on foreign policy are key. And as far as legislative logjam, a lot of that is of his own making. The one thing that Congress has to do this week is keep the government funded. If not, translate literally run out of money. There would be a government shut down next Saturday, which would be the 100th day, which would not be good for the country and not good for the president and his standing. But in addition, there’s a push on the White House to try to get ObamaCare repealed and replaced 2.0 through. He’s going to announce a tax reform plan on Wednesday, and it all seems like it’s very much directed towards groove something put points on the board for that first 100-day mark."


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