MSNBC: Paris Terror Attack Could Tip Election in Favor of Marine Le Pen

‘She’s the one to watch here’


BRADLEY: "All of this is coming to bare on what is really the closest French elections in a generation on Sunday. Many here believe this terror attack could tip the balance in favor of far right popular Marine Le Pen. She’s the one to watch here. She’s only behind in the polls by a hair’s breadth. Emmanuel is just ahead of her. He’s the centrist candidate. All of these figures in the polling, they’re within the margin of error. This is totally up for grabs. There are four candidates who are now leading in the race. It is a very, very close poll and, really, on midnight tonight, all of these candidates are going to have to stop campaigning. It is a race to see who can take advantage of this very, very, tense political moment. Marine Le Pen appears to be doing the most she possibly can to exploit the terror attack. The prime minister here, the current government, he came out and criticized her today, saying she was exploiting not only a terror attack but the death of a French policeman for political gain. She has called on the current government to close all the French borders. That’s really a populist move." 

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