Ex-CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell: ‘We Are at Risk of Losing Iraq’

‘The best outcome here ... is a diplomatic solution where you bring all the sides together and you form a new government without Maliki’

Ex-CIA Director: ‘We Are at Risk of Losing Iraq’ (Washington Free Beacon)

Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell told CBS’s Charlie Rose the situation in Iraq is the most dangerous since the 1973 war, since “We are at risk of losing Iraq. Iraq is at risk of breaking into three pieces.

“And one of those pieces,” Morell said, “if this happens, will be an Al Qaeda safe haven from which they will conduct attacks against the United States of America and against Western Europe.”

Morell also said that if Iraq breaks up, “There would be a risk of a spillover to the rest of the region in terms of redrawing the lines as well.”

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