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Attorney for Deported Dreamer: My Client ‘Did Not Leave This Country of His Volition’
‘He was physically removed’


ALMADANI: "Our client, Juan Manuel has been very consistent and very adamant that he did not leave this country of his own volition. He was physically removed and then reentered. And so, we have been seeking the truth, seeking answers from the federal government for many, many weeks. We filed this lawsuit on Tuesday. However, we’ve been asking the government for information about this case to better understand what occurred for several weeks. And the government has yet to provide any detailed answers. They have spoken to the press and explained what they believe is their position. Their position has been inconsistent. As you know, on Tuesday, they said that our client didn’t have DACA status, that his status had expired. That was not true. On Wednesday they corrected that and they recognized that he had DACA status that did not expire until 2018. And so, our client is a DACA recipient, he did not leave this country of his own volition." 

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