Sessions: No Reason to Expect Anything Other than a Fair Hearing from Judge Curiel on DREAMer Case

‘I know of no reason at this point to expect anything other than we get a fair day in court’

BOLDUAN: "Attorney General, the case of the so-called DREAMer that is now before the judge, the same judge that candidate Trump attacked, saying that he couldn’t fairly preside over Trump’s case during the election because of his Mexican heritage — do you think Judge Gonzalo Curiel should recuse himself?"
SESSIONS: "I think the judge — first, recusal will be his decision. I know of no reason at this point to expect anything other than that we get a fair day in court. I fully intend to defend General Kelly and his team for the work they’ve done, and we expect that any federal judge that hears it will hear it objectively and according to the law and the facts."

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