John Kelly: ‘We Hope to Begin Construction’ on the Wall by the ‘End of Summer’

‘Clearly, as I said yesterday, we’re not going to build a wall in one afternoon’


KELLY: "What I said yesterday, we hope to begin construction by the end of the summer. Clearly, as I said yesterday, we’re not going to build a wall in an afternoon. So, one of the reasons I’ve come here with the Attorney General, and I’ve been down here before and I’ll continue to come down to the border, is to talk to the people that really know the problems of the border, that is my people in DHS, particularly the Customs and Border Protection people, but just as importantly, the governors of the states, if they’re willing to see me, local legislators, members of Congress, if they’re willing to see me, but certainly, the local mayors and the local law enforcement, to get a sense for what they want." 

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