NBC's Richard Engel: ISIS Targeting Oil Refineries, Airport

'The battle lines in Iraq are once again drawn in faith'

Richard Engel: Iraqis Enlisting ‘Thousands a Day’ To Fight (Washington Free Beacon)

NBC’s Richard Engel, reporting from Iraq, described scenes of upheaval and religious turmoil in Iraq as parts of the country rally against ISIS, and the radicals turn their focus to “key economic targets, roads, oil, the airport.”

The militants continue to make stunning gains, and have attacked Iraq’s largest oil refinery. According to Engel, “Officials say the extremists are not strong enough to hold the facility but could close it by firing rockets and mortars.”

“Kurdish troops are battling to keep militants away from Iraq’s northern oil fields in Kirkuk,” Engel says, and officials fear they may next attack the Baghdad airport.

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