Maxine Waters Explains that She Didn’t Call for Trump To Be Impeached

‘I believe there was collusion’

WATERS: "By the way, folks up on the Internet who are trying to confuse you, and I understand they have something up tonight that said, 'Maxine Waters is saying she didn't call for impeachment.' And this is what I have to make sure everybody understands. I'm not calling for impeachment just because I don't like the President. I'm not just saying we should do it without having the facts, without connecting the dots. What I'm saying is this: I believe there was collusion. The investigations must take place. They must connect the dots. They must have the facts and if the facts are there and collusion is determined, then again, as I've said, we must move to impeach him. So don't get confused when you see them trying to confuse you about what I said. They're going to say a lot of things about me, as you know, and I'm prepared for the list. But I have decided to put my career on the line because I believe this country deserves better than Donald Trump."    

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